Hey, I'm Anna Meyer.

I help B2B SaaS companies connect with their ideal customers through engaging and informative content.

Are you ready to connect with your audience and increase your engagement, traffic, and revenue?

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I believe it is possible for you to connect with your customers online, no matter how complex or intricate your message is.


I bet you’re overwhelmed by all the tasks on your to-do list, and frustrated that writing tasks keep getting shoved to the back burner.


And I totally get it. You don't want your writing to suck. You want your content to make sense to people. Heck, you'll be happy if it does make sense to your readers, let alone entices them enough to buy from you.


My job is to do all this for you and more. I focus on all the geek rules of writing (words, phrasing, grammar, syntax, etc.) and statistically proven digital marketing trends, strategies, and processes. I wrap these skills up in a nice bow to write blog posts, emails, and other forms of online content your audience will love.

So how did I get here?



In 2018, I began college...with an undecided major, if I'm being honest. It didn't take long to realize how quickly college bills and expenses can add up, so I searched for flexible means to help cover these expenses. I discovered freelance writing during my library visits on campus, and the next thing I knew, I was buying courses and learning all I could about writing and making it as a full-time freelancer.

After finishing my second semester, I took the remaining college budget I had and invested it all into even more online courses, books, and learned all I could about writing, digital marketing, and how they work together in the B2B space. I took my prior work experience in retail and circuit board assembly to understand the mind of a customer and how businesses strive to connect with them.


Here I am today—a freelance B2B content writer passionate about effective communication and helping businesses like yours connect with your customers and create a booming online presence.

Are you ready to grow your online presence and attract your target customers?
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In 2010, I got my very first job in retail, working in the stockroom at Bed Bath & Beyond.

In 2019, before pursuing writing full-time, I worked at a local circuit board assembly company (my husband Chris works here too!).

I also went to college in 2019. During my last semester, my art was featured in the campus's annual student art exhibition.

Here I am today, living life at home in the U.S. Midwest, writing for amazing clients like you (featuring my Akita mix, Zeus).

Here are a few things you'll learn about me over a call or a lunch run.



I'm a California native, born and raised in Long Beach.

Prior to the internet becoming what it is today (read: the late 90s and early 2000s), I wrote creative articles for church newsletters, and also worked on my own fiction writing for contests in magazines. I loved writing back then, and if you'd have told me I could make a full-time career out of it, I would have done a happy dance right in front of you.

Now to the fun, non-writing-related stuff:

  • I'm a taco connoisseur. 

  • My love languages are gifs and memes.

And when I'm not writing for amazing clients like you, you'll find me trying a new gluten-free recipe, studying languages, reading my Bible, or catching up on a new book or TV show.


Books I will read anytime: On Writing: A Memoir by Stephen King, Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas, The Choice by Dr. Edit Eva Eger, and any Bible commentary book.

Movies & TV shows I will watch any time: The Shawshank Redemption, Netflix's Daredevil, The Blacklist, Inception, Psych, The Queen's Gambit, Downton Abbey, I Love Lucy, and nearly any WWII movie.

Here's the latest on my blog