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I help small businesses use their online presence to build and cultivate lasting relationships with their audience through informative and memorable content.

Are you ready to build lasting relationships with your audience?

I'm a freelance content writer currently based in the U.S. Midwest, and I love helping businesses create a memorable online reputation. With businesses creating websites and social media profiles at record-high levels, it's not easy. But with the right marketing strategy in place, it is possible to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact with your audience.

I believe in making decisions that are best for you, even if they aren't the same decisions as the common crowd. Fads and trends change quicker than ever before. Your business's identity withstands those changes, and that's what I work with best when it comes to writing for you. 

I bet you're...​

  • overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to juggle

  • unsure how writing online works

  • confused at how to apply your business's identity and goals to the online space

And I totally get it.


After choosing to pursue writing full-time, it was hard to ignore fads and trends in the early stages of my career. "If they're doing it and succeeding, I can too, right?" I learned over time that doing what everyone else does doesn't give me results. Being true to myself and what I consider success helps me see results I want, and I know the same can happen for you too.

My job is to use your business's goals and branding identity to create content to help you achieve your goals in the online space, whether that be...

  • Using a more authoritative and memorable voice in your captions and blog posts

  • Serving as a valuable resource in your industry through blogging

  • Building relationships with your audience on social media

  • Creating a community in the online space

You have what it takes to become a memorable and lasting online presence. I look forward to helping you get there.

If you're ready to...

  • Place the writing process (and all the digital marketing know-how that comes with it) into good hands

  • Build relationships with your people

  • Create a booming online presence with original content...

...Here's how I can help

Get to know you

Before I start writing, I need to know about you and your business. With a 20-30 minute coaching call, I can assess where you are in your business and what you want to achieve online.

Create a plan

Once I know where you are and where you want to go, I will draft a proposal that covers every step of the process, including: costs and payment plans, rounds of edits, deadlines, etc.

i Write

While I write, you can kick back and relax! All you need to do is look it over and approve. Feedback on concerns and/or preferences during the editing process is more than welcome!

you share

Upon purchase, everything I write will be considered yours. Final invoice will be sent with the final copy of your content. Retainer work is available at this stage.

More about me

('Cause I mean, it is an "about" page)

In addition to being a full-time freelancer, I'm also a wife to my incredible husband Chris, dog mom to our Akita-mix named Zeus, movie and history nerd, and artist of many sorts. When I'm not writing for A+ clients like you, you'll probably find me studying the Bible, experimenting with a new gluten-free recipe, catching up on a TV show, practicing my celebrity impersonations, or studying a foreign language.

Current TV shows: Psych, Arrow, The Blacklist, and The Queen's Gambit.

Current favorite movies: Walk the Line, Sense & Sensibility, The Greatest Showman, and any World War I or II movie.

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