Frequently Asked Questions

I get it. Contracting writing services is tricky. But I do my best to make your experience easy and stress-free. Here are some questions you may have about me, my services, and the writing process.

What happens after I fill out a form on your contact page?

I will review the information you've provided. If we're a good fit, I will arrange a discovery call by sending you 3 available times to choose from and an access link for the agreed-upon time.

If at any time during the process we decide not to continue, I will refer your request to my network of talented freelance writers who will be in touch with you to learn more about your needs. Finding a good fit for you and your business will always be my top priority.

What will we discuss in the discovery call?


In our first discovery call, we will discuss the following:


  • Who you are (specifically, your company's mission and goals)

  • Your current marketing strategy

  • Roadblocks or problems you’re experiencing

  • What you’d like to accomplish by working with me

  • Any ideas you have with the content you'd like me to write (such as topic ideas for blog posts or a preferred outline for an e-book)


Once I have a clear idea of your goals and preferences, I will draft a proposal that lays out an overview of the project, project objectives, timeline, and a fee summary.


How much do you charge?

Check out my services page to view starting rates on popular types of writing I provide. These rates are just a starting point, as each project will vary depending on amount of work, length of each piece (i.e., word count), my availability, and your level of urgency.


How long will it take for me to receive the writing I need done?

This will largely depend on how much you'd like me to write and how long and complex you'd like it to be. 6-8 weeks is generally a good estimation for smaller projects, but this will depend on your needs and preferences.

Do you accept rush orders?


Yes, but it will depend on my availability at the time of your request. Other factors include how much work you need me to do and the amount of information about the project you can provide upfront. A "rush order" charge starting at 20% will apply as well.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently use Hello Bonsai for invoices, which will allow you to pay with a debit/credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Other payment options like check, mobile payment, or even Bitcoin are available as well.

How does the paying process work?

For most projects, I will send you two invoices. A 50% deposit invoice will be sent with the contract. I will begin work as soon as I've received this payment. The second 50% invoice will be sent with the first draft, typically due within 15 days.


Other plans like "milestone-based" plans are available for larger projects and retainer work.

What do I need to know about the writing process?

Take a look at my process page for a general overview.

Are you an SEO writer?

No. While I am familiar with SEO principles and how to incorporate SEO keywords into content, I do not consider myself an SEO writer for two reasons:


  1. The primary goal of an SEO writer is to write online content and copy that ranks high in search engine results.

  2. I do not have advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS, page titles, meta descriptions, anchor text, title tags, LSI, backlinking, and other skills that SEO writers specialize in.

I will write content for you while including your desired keywords based on your provided SEO research and strategies. SEO keyword research is available at an additional charge.

Do you offer ghostwriting services?

Yes, I do! Just let me know and be as specific as you can with your preferences and expectations.

What's the difference between standard writing and ghostwriting?

The biggest difference is whether I am able to use the work I do for you in my portfolio for self-promotion. Under normal circumstances (i.e., non-ghostwriting work) and unless otherwise discussed, while you have legal ownership and copyright of the final work, I reserve the right to use the final work in my portfolio to help me land work.


If you prefer I don't use the final piece in my portfolio, or you'd like to use the company name (or a manager or CEO) as the owner (or both!), let me know. This will be considered ghostwriting work, and a 20% additional charge will be included.

Still have a question that isn't answered here?


Send me an email or use the form on my contact page and I will be in touch. I'd love to hear from you!