My Process

I know the onboarding process may seem confusing. My goal is to make the process easy and stress-free, so you can receive your writing with excitement and confidence.

The writing process will vary, depending on the amount of work you need, the length of each piece (i.e., word count), my availability at the time you reach out, and your level of urgency.


That being said, here's a general layout to help give you an idea.

Filling out the contact form

After filling out the contact form, I will review the information you've provided. From there, I will send you 3 available times to book a discovery call.

I don't think it's possible to send me "too much information" about the project you have in mind. I'd love to hear all about your project and the more you can give me the better our chances of creating killer content for your business.


I know your time is limited, so I want to make the most of it.

Our first discovery call

Our discovery call will be a huge help to creating content you want and bringing your vision to life. Topics we will cover in the discovery call include the following:

  • Who you are and your company's mission

  • Your company goals

  • Your current marketing strategy

  • Roadblocks or problems you’re experiencing

  • What you’d like to accomplish by working with me

  • Any ideas you have with the content you'd like me to write (such as topic ideas for blog posts or a preferred outline for an e-book)


I will also ask about logistics of the project (such as deadline, budget, payment preferences, author byline and ownership for pieces like blog posts or e-books, etc.) and logistics of the writing itself (such as desired CTAs, images, and word count).


After our discovery call, I will draft a proposal based on everything we discussed. This shouldn't take more than 2 business days. The proposal will lay out an overview of the project, project objectives, an estimated timeline, and a fee summary.


Here we can negotiate the details and lay out terms and expectations for topics like ownership, preferred method of payment, word count, and arranging interviews for research.

Beginning the project

Once we've agreed on the details of the proposal, I will send a contract for you to sign and an invoice for a 50% deposit.


After I've received the signed contract and the first deposit, I will grant you access to a shared folder in Google Drive where you can send me any additional resources (such as your company style guide, a target audience summary, competitor research, and SEO keyword research) and I can share documents for you to provide feedback.

The project will be considered started once I've received the signed contract, the first deposit, and the additional resources you can provide in our shared folder.

Writing & Feedback

Finally! Kick back and relax while I work on bringing your vision to life. The information collected from the discovery call and your company's resources will be pivotal in me writing content you will love.


When the first draft is ready, I will share it with you via Google Docs for you to review and leave comments, suggestions, and feedback. I will also send the final invoice at this time. Share your thoughts and ask any questions - this is a crucial step to getting the final document exactly how you want it.

I will make changes based on your feedback and provide one more round of feedback. Additional revisions are available for an additional charge. The final draft will be considered completed when you approve and sign off.

Wrapping things up

After you have approved, signed off on the project, and paid the final invoice, the project will be considered completed. I will provide a brief exit survey so you can share your experience and provide suggestions for making the process better.


If you'd like to continue working with me for ongoing projects like blog posts, I will include questions in the survey to begin the process with ongoing work in mind.

Ready to work with me? Click the button below to fill out a contact form and get things started. Or send me an email if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing all about your business and project goals.